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Key Points

  • Get Paid commission each time someone you refer buys from us
  • Increase your business by working with us in your community
  • No cost to your business. All our information and marketing material is free
  • Build better and longer lasting relationships with your customers

In a Nutshell
You don’t need to be a landlord to make money from property. You only need to know one. Our referral scheme can be used as part of your current business with almost no effort and definitely no expense for you or your business. Put simply, you only need to tell your next customer about us and if they take either our Tenant Find or our Fully Managed Service, we will pay you commission.

We are Visionary Lettings
We are Visionary Lettings, A Property Management and Letting Agent. Our service for landlords is excellent value and exactly what you need. We have services for every type of landlord from a fully managed service, all the way down to an advertising only service for those hands-on landlords. Our team started as landlords and know first-hand of the experiences they have and the service landlords expect from an agent. We now have a fantastic referral scheme that is available for literally everyone and you can benefit from taking 30 seconds and signing up today.

Ways to use the scheme
The great thing about this scheme is that it can be easily integrated in to your current business or life. Our referrers use this scheme in a range of ways and we are perfectly happy with however this works for you.

Some of our referrers try to refer every landlord they meet to us and it is possible to significantly increase your income by doing this.

Other referrers use this as a second sale to their customers. Maybe after securing them a mortgage or after doing property repairs they will mention us and get a referral. This is a great way you can boost secondary income from your customers.

Furthermore, as a referrer you may prefer to only mention us if your customer or friend specifically asks “Do you know any good letting agents?” or share us on social media.

All of these are great ways to get your referrals and you can help save your customers and friends time and money by pointing them towards Visionary Lettings. I am sure they will thank you for it.

If you would like marketing information we will supply you with our business cards, flyers and product information for you to either display or pass on to any interested Landlord.

Fully Managed
For every new customer that you refer who takes our Fully Managed service we will pay you £40. Plus, if the same customer then takes another Fully Managed service on another property. We will pay you and additional £20 in commission every time.

Tenant Find
For every new customer that you refer who takes our Tenant Find service. we will pay you £20. If the same customer then takes another Tenant Find service on another property. We will pay you and additional £10 in commission every time.

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Contact us

01925 550007


01925 550007

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